Who We Are

Wilcon Projects

Wilcon Projects is a leading planning and property development management consultancy.

From planned residential estates to medium density projects, through to commercial and industrial developments, we deliver outstanding end-to-end commercial and community results. Our success is built on partnerships.

We work collaboratively with our clients to optimise their project potential through a range of integrated, premium services that combine to deliver outstanding outcomes for investors, the environment and communities.

Since 2014 Wilcon Projects has delivered exceptional development projects throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

Our team of highly experienced Project Managers seamlessly coordinate every aspect of project creation and development, from initial feasibility and site acquisition through to project completion and marketing.

Our client-centric focus means that, at each stage, our clients’ investments are managed with integrity, skill and professionalism.

Our Team



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Wilcon Projects was founded by Kris Wilson in 2014.

Kris is a seasoned development manager with comprehensive urban planning and project delivery experience.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Urban and Regional Planning from RMIT, Kris went on to earn a Masters of Property and Construction from Melbourne University.

He developed his project management skills at Peet Limited, Australia’s largest residential land developer, and other roles in complex private and government land development projects.

Kris noticed a gap in the market for expert, end-to-end consultancy and opened Wilcon Projects to fulfil the need. As a Director, he provides property owners, investors and developers with a unique, nimble and dynamic project delivery service. Kris’ skills in project coordination, communications, negotiation, presentation and facilitation are highly valued by Wilcon Projects’ clients across the range of projects he proudly leads.



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Charlene graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Urban Planning and Development in 2004.

Since then, as a highly accomplished Town Planner, Charlene has investigated, mediated and resolved planning, policy and approval issues across all manner of public and private sector developments.

With highly developed interpersonal skills, she has also implemented successful communications and stakeholder engagement programs as key components of strategic project initiatives.

Charlene applies her planning expertise to influence local government decisions, drive innovative solutions to issues and develop strategies to enable planned development and growth.

At Wilcon Projects, Charlene provides valuable multidisciplinary planning and development advice to clients and projects of all size and complexity with high level project and stakeholder management, negotiation and communication skills.



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Wilcon Projects’ Operations Manager, Nicole has been involved with Wilcon Projects since our inception and heads up the day to day operations of the team.

Nicole is a qualified Accountant.

Her role is to oversee the business operations to ensure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly and professionally.

She manages financial accounts, contract administration, reporting and administrative functions.

Nicole is always on top of development industry issues and trends, and is ideally placed to provide both expert development and business support to the team and our valued clients.


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Jacob graduated from the University of Queensland in 2017 with a degree in Civil Engineering (Hons), before working in the industry for over five years.

Rising through the ranks as a consultant in land development across Queensland and Victoria, Jacob achieved the position of Senior Project Engineer, working on a variety of projects.

His portfolio of work across complex greenfield and medium density projects has provided Jacob an extensive knowledge base which will be leveraged for future projects.

Experience dealing with a vast array of stakeholders including contractors, authorities and consultants, places Jacob in an optimal position to streamline and coordinate all processes, ensuring relevant parties remain satisfied with project results.

With a passion for delivering high quality outcomes for clients, Jacob prides himself on technical skills and effective communication that drive the development process to ensure successful projects which are completed on time and budget.


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George is a planning and environmental professional with over a decade’s experience in the public and private sectors.

After completing his studies in a Bachelor of Applied Science, Urban and Regional Planning at RMIT, he refined his capabilities at various Tier 1 Consulting Firms, working across a broad range of projects focusing on the delivery of statutory approvals in the transport, energy, water, residential, commercial, and telecommunications sectors.

He has detailed knowledge of Commonwealth and Victorian planning and environmental legislation, having works closely with various layers of Government to achieve statutory approvals.

He is most passionate about assisting clients through the complex legislative framework and supporting them to facilitate positive outcomes through their planning experience.

George ensures a comprehensive approach to planning and development and is passionate about delivering results.